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I was not willing to write anything bad about QUBEE. But, after getting today’s call I couldn’t stop myself to write.  When I hear about QUBEE from my friends, I was so exited. And I didn’t even try for anything else, just email to Qubee’s customer care. Next day morning within 12hrs, I got a call from QUBEE. That lady said, “Qubee will send a person to me for setup the connection. “‘ That day I really feel so proud of my country, that,Within 12hrs of email, I am getting connection!! We are in Digital Bangladesh..!!HUH!!

At last I took Qubee’s connection on 20th DEC 2010. There is some word’s I like to add. When the QUBEE’s representative call me and say that, he was willing to come, that moment I was in my relative’s house for visit. So, I gave MR.FIRUZ ( Qubee’s representative ) my relative’s house address. He came and I collected the Shuttle Modem. He test the modem and connection with laptop. Connection was ok and he gone. That time, he gave me a form to fill up.  There was a field,”installation location.” I asked him,” Should I gave my address? As this place is not mine and I will never use this modem here”. He suggested me saying, “This is just a formality. But, you must use your relative’s address.” That day I was unknown about my endless upcoming sufferings…..!!

Well, that night when I back to my home, I used the internet. Internet was superb. I was so happy, that after a long long time we are getting uninterrupted internet with good speed. That day my plan was to up grade my speed. I encourage my relatives. And they also took QUBEE on the base of my word.

I could use the internet for next 10days with this superb speed. 31th DEC 2010,morning- 9AM I started my PC for work. On the screen, it was just saying  scanning….scanning….scanning….for next 1hr !!  After that, it was showing in the screen connecting….connecting….connecting….!! it just changed the message, but status was all same…..I waited till afternoon 1PM. After 4hrs, my qubee get the signal and I able to use the internet.

There are some screen shots I like to share:

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This situation was same till 6th JAN 2011. Within those 7days I missed meetings with clients just because of this bullshit internet.  Then I decided to call the customer care. I called CC, but didn’t get any good feedback. After that, I emailed to CC explaining my problem. Getting my email, one person named “FAISAL” came. He saw the problem that, I didn’t get the connection. Still, he said, this problem will not arise again. The moment he leave my place, it was again showing same problem. I called him, but didn’t get any good response.

After that,on 12th JAN 2011,I again emailed Customer care…they again sent different people. Well, till now they send 5 different people. And everyone didn’t get the connection within 1min. They all tried more than 2/3hrs. And when they got connection, they email to support that, connection is fully OK!! What a joke!!

Now,my question is why those QUBEE people hiding the full history? Are they really professional? Are they honest about there work? No!! I don’t think so!! If i am getting good connection, then why should I complain again and again??? And I  have no idea why QUBEE sending peoples to convince customer that, connection is OK!!

The last person who came to my house, he got connection when he hang up the modem outside the window. and reported that to QUBEE!! He also tried to convince me saying this same words. Well, I have no idea, how any person can do work with one hand and hang up the modem out side the window with another hand !! Is he thing himself  smarter?

After a long hassle, I called Mr. Firuz. and he forwarded my email to Mr.Ridwan. He did query about my network. After that, he called me and said that, QUBEE will refund my money. He will send some one to my place for this refund process. I was so relaxed that, I don’t have to call again and again  to the Customer care of QUBEE.

Today I got a call from QUBEE’s customer care. He said, “One of our people get connection, when he hang up the modem outside the window. So, you should try using  this connection.”  Well, I was just speechless!!  What should I say?!?  Then I request to refund my money.Then, he argued saying,”You took connection on GULSHAN. Gulshan is using as your address. So, you cant used the connection on another place. As you do so, your refund will not process!!” Again I was speechless!! Is he fool?? or something else?! I took shuttle modem. that means I can use it anywhere I want!! and in the form I mention my permanent address!! Then why they are using my relative’s address as mine?!?

In bangla there is popular sentence,TIGER was saying to Fox that, “Tui pani ghola korso, nahole tor bap ghola korse !! tai ekhon tore ami khabo. QUBEE remind my that popular sentence. They just need a reason to not refund money. They are not even trying to upgrade there network, just cheating customers…..How long they will able to cheat peoples that’s the main question. Sooner or later people will dissatisfied with there network and behavior.

I like to pay much money. But, I want uninterrupted internet connection. If the wimax has this situation, what will be the situation of other internet in BD!! i really feel helpless when I don’t get any better option!!

OHH something I forgot to mention that: One of the representative said, because of high-rage buildings beside my flat, I am getting signal. Well, My flat is beside road, there are no high-rage building withing 14km. According to there words, only I am having problem. Well, but actual scenario is different.  Click on the link then, you will find lots of people like me:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/QUBEE/102781619757682

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