Qubee Wimax Connection

I was not willing to write anything bad about QUBEE. But, after getting today’s call I couldn’t stop myself to write.  When I hear about QUBEE from my friends, I was so exited. And I didn’t even try for anything else, just email to Qubee’s customer care. Next day morning within 12hrs, I got a call from QUBEE. That lady said, “Qubee will send a person to me for setup the connection. “‘ That day I really feel so proud of my country, that,Within 12hrs of email, I am getting connection!! We are in Digital Bangladesh..!!HUH!!

At last I took Qubee’s connection on 20th DEC 2010. There is some word’s I like to add. When the QUBEE’s representative call me and say that, he was willing to come, that moment I was in my relative’s house for visit. So, I gave MR.FIRUZ ( Qubee’s representative ) my relative’s house address. He came and I collected the Shuttle Modem. He test the modem and connection with laptop. Connection was ok and he gone. That time, he gave me a form to fill up.  There was a field,”installation location.” I asked him,” Should I gave my address? As this place is not mine and I will never use this modem here”. He suggested me saying, “This is just a formality. But, you must use your relative’s address.” That day I was unknown about my endless upcoming sufferings…..!!

Well, that night when I back to my home, I used the internet. Internet was superb. I was so happy, that after a long long time we are getting uninterrupted internet with good speed. That day my plan was to up grade my speed. I encourage my relatives. And they also took QUBEE on the base of my word.

I could use the internet for next 10days with this superb speed. 31th DEC 2010,morning- 9AM I started my PC for work. On the screen, it was just saying  scanning….scanning….scanning….for next 1hr !!  After that, it was showing in the screen connecting….connecting….connecting….!! it just changed the message, but status was all same…..I waited till afternoon 1PM. After 4hrs, my qubee get the signal and I able to use the internet.

There are some screen shots I like to share:

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This situation was same till 6th JAN 2011. Within those 7days I missed meetings with clients just because of this bullshit internet.  Then I decided to call the customer care. I called CC, but didn’t get any good feedback. After that, I emailed to CC explaining my problem. Getting my email, one person named “FAISAL” came. He saw the problem that, I didn’t get the connection. Still, he said, this problem will not arise again. The moment he leave my place, it was again showing same problem. I called him, but didn’t get any good response.

After that,on 12th JAN 2011,I again emailed Customer care…they again sent different people. Well, till now they send 5 different people. And everyone didn’t get the connection within 1min. They all tried more than 2/3hrs. And when they got connection, they email to support that, connection is fully OK!! What a joke!!

Now,my question is why those QUBEE people hiding the full history? Are they really professional? Are they honest about there work? No!! I don’t think so!! If i am getting good connection, then why should I complain again and again??? And I  have no idea why QUBEE sending peoples to convince customer that, connection is OK!!

The last person who came to my house, he got connection when he hang up the modem outside the window. and reported that to QUBEE!! He also tried to convince me saying this same words. Well, I have no idea, how any person can do work with one hand and hang up the modem out side the window with another hand !! Is he thing himself  smarter?

After a long hassle, I called Mr. Firuz. and he forwarded my email to Mr.Ridwan. He did query about my network. After that, he called me and said that, QUBEE will refund my money. He will send some one to my place for this refund process. I was so relaxed that, I don’t have to call again and again  to the Customer care of QUBEE.

Today I got a call from QUBEE’s customer care. He said, “One of our people get connection, when he hang up the modem outside the window. So, you should try using  this connection.”  Well, I was just speechless!!  What should I say?!?  Then I request to refund my money.Then, he argued saying,”You took connection on GULSHAN. Gulshan is using as your address. So, you cant used the connection on another place. As you do so, your refund will not process!!” Again I was speechless!! Is he fool?? or something else?! I took shuttle modem. that means I can use it anywhere I want!! and in the form I mention my permanent address!! Then why they are using my relative’s address as mine?!?

In bangla there is popular sentence,TIGER was saying to Fox that, “Tui pani ghola korso, nahole tor bap ghola korse !! tai ekhon tore ami khabo. QUBEE remind my that popular sentence. They just need a reason to not refund money. They are not even trying to upgrade there network, just cheating customers…..How long they will able to cheat peoples that’s the main question. Sooner or later people will dissatisfied with there network and behavior.

I like to pay much money. But, I want uninterrupted internet connection. If the wimax has this situation, what will be the situation of other internet in BD!! i really feel helpless when I don’t get any better option!!

OHH something I forgot to mention that: One of the representative said, because of high-rage buildings beside my flat, I am getting signal. Well, My flat is beside road, there are no high-rage building withing 14km. According to there words, only I am having problem. Well, but actual scenario is different.  Click on the link then, you will find lots of people like me:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/QUBEE/102781619757682


34 thoughts on “Qubee Wimax Connection

    1. I just had Qubee installed a few days ago. When the engineers were here I got a three bar signal. It worked for a day. I woke up yesterday morning with no signal. It hasn’t connected for the past 24 hours. I wonder if they are able to boost the signal just long enough to get your money.

      Qubee is a crappy service.

      1. hahaha…Qubee has some “taking parrots” in there Customer service. they will ask you lots of questions to make you confused. But, result will be same. you will not get internet connection when you needed. Qubee is good for non-IT people. its not for professional.
        ok best of luck..

    2. hello i am ging to complaint regarding my qubee from last one month continionusly but no response has so far been received i prepared my self to remove this conncection and try to get some other

  1. @Zakir: Keo jodi apnake bole,modem janalar baire jhuliye tarpor kaz korte apni kemon feel korben? illogical kotharo to ekta limit ase!! R ami janalar baire rekheo deksi, jokhon oder network down thake tokhon kothao connect payna.
    ai kotha to oder connection neyar agei bola uchit chilo. je, sudhu matro CHAD a tankir upore bose apni NET use korte parben..

  2. Faltu Qubee service… janalar baire haat ber kore net use korte bole…. so funny… kobe jani bole apni nijei janalar baire theke net use koren….

  3. Qubee hochche Bangladesher typical thokbaj dokani. Dui char poisha haat korar shujog pele aar chaarbe na.

    Ami modem return korechi 21st Jan 2011, refund deyar kotha oder 14 days er mathai, ajke 3 week paar hoye gelo kono naam gondho nai. 16 din er mathai ami phone korechi, ora bole 2 days er moddhei eta process hobe.

    16din er o 3 din pore korlam phone, gadhara abar o bole aro 2 din pore process hobe. Gali tali ekhane ar dilam na, oikhane kichu diyechi. Tara kono phone number o dite pare na, relevant department a amake direct o korte pare na, abar bole nirdishto kobe ei problem solved hobe tao bolte pare na.

    Mishor tunisia te jebhabe shob public ek shathe joro hoye shoirachar ke tene namiyeche, temni bangladesher qubee user ra ek hoye ghar dhakka diley oder bodh hobe. Nahole eka eka ek jon user gele ora bhabbe, user er Qubee ke dorkar, Qubee’r user ke dorkar nai.

    Gov’t o emon bhodai, qubee ar banglalink chhara ekhono kono wimax provider o nai. Pakistan a ki obostha? Bangladesh theke hajar o gune bhalo. Jekhane pakistane ritimoto civil war er obostha, tara o jodi bangladesh theke better wimax service pai bangladesh er boka govt ki kore?

    1. @hasan: At least apnake refund form fill-up korte diyeche. But, Amake 1st a bollo ora basate asbe. erpor bollo gulshan office a jete. ami pregnant and khub sick. ai obosthay oder office a gelam. amake dupur 12ta theke bikal 4ta porjonto bosaye rekhe boltese, ora naki basate lok pathabe dekhar jonno amar connection thik ache ki nai…!! ata ki joke!!

  4. Jodi aro kichu WiMaX provider thakto BD te tahole eshob shomoshsha hote parto na. Competition er bhoye ora bhalo service dito. Gov’t o emon Indiar dalal beche beche shobkhane Indian deke aane.

  5. @Hasan: QUBEE is a bull-shit Pakistani company. They are cheating people day by day. Peoples are helpless, as there is no legal LAW for this kind of crime.
    QUBEE is really lucky that my money bag was stolen. With my money bag I lost all time important cards and QUBEE’s document. otherwise, I had a plan to take legal action against this kind of harassment.

  6. @Sabrina: I don’t think Qubee is a Paki company, they are registered in Britain but owned by an Indian. The owner is Augere Holdings I think. Qubee offers its services in Pakistan but that’s it. The owner is Sanjiv something, an Indian.

    I agree that Qubee can get away with these “crimes” because of the govt’s ineptitude.

  7. Customers lie as well, in case of you. If you see mistake is urs , why you gave wrong address where you don’t live, don’t u know you filling the billing address and QUBEE will only track the device with that address.

    First in your post accept your mistake that you did illegal thing to not to mention your address, its serious issue , Telecom authorities should track you and investigate why you did that.

    1. @tabinda: I am wonder to see your braveness. You must be a QUBEE re-presenter. Thats why, ignoring the main issue ( poor signal issue )and trying to blame the customers. From your IP, I found that You are for PAKISTAN. Well, Pakistani is a uncultured and uneducated nation. thats why it is obvious that, you couldn’t read my post’s English words.Otherwise, you will never point out about the address issue.
      Anyways, please read the post again. I mention there that I fill-up the form with my permanent address. and the bull-shit QUBEE’s asshole employee using my relative address as mine, ignoring my permanent address. I really don’t find any good reason to using my relative address as mine. When I found that QUBEE did this fault, I requested them again and again to correct that address. But, they didn’t do this and said I use the wrong address.
      Qubee and there employees has a very common problem, they never admit there faults. moreover, blame the others. Well, why I am replying to you? I have a doubt that, you will able to read or understand my English reply !!

  8. hopefully this comment doesn’t appear multiple times (it appears to freeze once i try to post my comment.. not sure if it’s really posting), but all I really wanted to say was fantastic post and thanks for sharing.

  9. “””””””” qubee fraud , qubee unfair “”””””””””””””””””

    qubee is totaly unfain. now i hate it ….. reasons:
    1. they add usage space in our qubee account that we not used.
    i try to understand you.
    “morning at 5 to 6 am my computer is shut down but in my qubee account display that i usde internet and download some thing ”
    that is single reason…. i have other comments on qubee if any one interest then mail me at
    shahzada.wickey@hotmail.com ” …
    brotherly my idea for all that “not used qubee connection because that is fraud.”

  10. This is a matter of national issue according to my knowledge, I think it’s high time we give them a reply that they just can’t do anything they want. They are registered companies in Bangladesh who have limitations to their jurisdiction. If they exceed them, then they’ll have to pay a large ransom which I guess QUEEBEE can’t afford right now as they are still trying to uplift their investments.
    I’d like to urge to those who wants the system to be changed, I want to change it, do you?

    1. Mr. Omar,
      thanks for your comment. Well, if you buy a service than Company must should fulfill your needs. In the outside world, WIMAX means a lots to user, a Wimax user can use internet from anywhere/any location. But, in our country you have to use QUBEE’s wimax only in the roof-top !! isn’t it very funny!?!?

      I really feel bad when they cheat / harass customers. Anyways, QUBEE refused to pay me back the MODEM price. moreover they harassed me a lot. So,I crash my qubee modem to the bin. Right now I am using BTCL’s internet with 1500+ tk and I am getting min 36kb on an avg. So, why I will go for WIMAX.

  11. I have a qubee connection of 1mpbs sky and getting an speed of only .09 mpbs. Frequently it remains out of connection with the excuse of maintenance or upgrading. More they upgrade and more i suffer. Previously it wasn’t that bad , but more the days are more it is detoriorating. Complaining to their customers care is of no use except spending a subtantial amount in my mobile phone to follow their useless instructions.

  12. Hello Sabrina and all,

    Is it just me or these Qubee thieves are all the same. I am from Pakistan, karachi and Yes the literacy rate is low but sure nobody`s always perfect 🙂 . Coming back to the issue I got qubee wimax 2 weeks back after being persuaded by my friend to try this as being the best ISP in Pakistan. Well I decided to give a go and called the customer service and in just 2 hrs the CR guy was at my home I initially told qubee office to bring Qubee shuttle as I do travel alot in city so I needed that device. They told me they would send their so called engineer to my home for all the technical setup and Man the guy sure was an engineer cant even understand written instruction and knowing just to open explorer and do setup. Now at the time of setup I was getting 3 bars of shuttle but decent speed the guy told me the signal strength would improve in a day or so because work was going on. The first day was good and on the second day the device went down and I mean like dead down with not a single signal the guy he came by checked the device and said I have signal problem due to tower being far away I asked him why he approved it yesterday if there was a signal problem and he just couldn’t answer it. So at that time he had brought with him the Wimax green box or what it is called device installed it the net was working fine assured me of no signal problems from now on and all went good.

    Now after 2 hours of net surfing the device showed its true color and went dead as hell and this time it was the same day. I called the guy he told me to wait a day for the signal to get stable and the next day passed and nothing happened the device had nothing on it not a single bar. Now I complained again and it was Saturday that day they said they’ll send a person on Monday.

    Now Monday came that was 3 days since the device was not working and I had ” limited or no connectivity on my PC”. The guy came in the evening and this time with another device with an antenna I was really pissed off at the time and told them to take this useless thing he assured me this device being best at places with signal issues and got the device connected after even the setup he stayed at my home for half an hour to see if it gets down and all went well. I wasn’t really sure if this would work this time and it went great for the next 3 days and then it happened again dead as dead service of Qubee with no shitty signal I moved the antenna hell tried all the tips my friend told but nothing. Now after a day waiting I called qubee and asked them for full refund now this time there were two guys at my home asked many questions looked at my device room and kept telling me it was a minor technical fault I kept my stance and demanded refund. Now this time he told me they would only refund my security deposit after 15 days and the other 1500 would be deducted as connection charges and I`ll have to pay the bill of 8 days of the net. Now don’t asked what I replied in short I said I concluded I wanted my full money at my home within three days or Im putting the device for sale online to cover my cost they threatened me of legal consequences property of Qubee Blah Blah… I told them to @#$% off and return my money in 3 days or go the court for their device.. Its been now 4 days just receiving calls from them explaining I’ve got the device with me its cost is around 4000-5000 rupees I initially paid RS 2500 and I`m ok with the device if they don’t pay… That`s my story my friends.. you people are not the only one suffering, these mediocre companies are everywhere only trying to sell their service without caring for the quality of the service.

    1. dear abdulla,
      I read your post, each and every line. your story is as same as mine…I didnt get back my money. well, I convince myself, that I gave sadka( giving money to poor. ) to QUBEE. anyways, thanks for the post. keep posting.

  13. Hi, Sabrina,

    Glad to hear from you. Update from my side is after keeping the device with me for a week the Qubee sales representative came to my home had a 20 min discussion and we agreed that they would deduct my 8 days bill for the Internet only without any connection charges and return me the rest I agreed to that and they deducted RS. 300 from me and returned the remaining amount and took the device..My advice to you is if you are planning a new connection, don’t ever pay upfront any amount and tell any ISP to make the connection on trial of 7 days and then you’ll pay. These companies are really desperate to make new connections and they’ll accept however if you talk the talk. Thanks anyway and keep us posted.

  14. Me too is tired of Qubee BS!!

    Go for Link3. They’re currently the best ISP in Bangladesh, though they provide wired connection, not wireless.

  15. Hi. I am from Pakistan, using Qubee for like more than a year now. I never got an issue. I am a gamer, and for gaming you need a good connection. Qubee is one of the best internet providers here or you can say others are not really good. But yes i only have one problem with qubee. It doesn’t load wordpress. I mean seriously, it pisses me off. And they are not even trying to solve this problem, they just deny you on your face when you complain. Other than that the internet is fine.

    1. hello Crabbie,
      thanks for reading my post. And giving you valuable comment. Well, in Bangladesh we get very poor connection in maximum areas. I think you people are lucky to have a good internet connection.tc

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